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Mark Murphy

QWP Real Estate
Director & Board Member

Mark is originally from Newcastle in the UK. Mark started in real estate from a young age of 20 and already has a decade of experience dealing with real estate markets in Asia, US, Europe and the Middle East. Mark has lived in prime real estate locations such as Los Angeles, Dubai, Marbella, Barcelona, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Tropea, Vilamoura, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and has a wealth of experience dealing directly face to face with high net worth international clients, agents and developers worldwide. Mark also oversees marketing and website with the team as well as making sure all QWP Real Estate clients receive the highest level of service. Mark has built up some invaluable contacts around the world over the years which benefits the company, clients and our future plans. 

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About us

QWP Real Estate was founded in March 2018 with offices in London UK and Doha, Qatar.

QWP Real Estate is part of a large UK property group which has been established since October 2014 with head office in London, UK.

QWP Real Estate is a real estate marketing agency that offers UK property investments and international investments to investors based in the GCC and surronding areas.

QWP Real Estate has over 13 years of international property development and property experience and with over 3,700 residential and commercial property units sold.

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