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We feel that experience is key to your decision process in investing in the UK or overseas, especially when you are buying in a country that is unknown to you or you are a little apprehensive.  

We think that with our experience you can relate everything back to your home country due to our local knowledge within your country of residence. Our aim is to put your mind at rest, we will make sure any questions and worries you have will be erased prior to signing any paperwork.

We have the experience to be able to confidently advise our clients on the best and safest way to buy in the UK and overseas. 

We have many years experience working and living in countries such as Qatar, UAE, UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA and Russia, as well as attending over 250 property exhibitions. By working directly with the best developers and master agents worldwide, we are able to simply offer the safest, the highest quality and maximize returns for our clients.



Tell us your requirements below and we will do the rest for you. 



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About us

QWP Real Estate was founded in March 2018 with offices in London UK and Doha, Qatar.

QWP Real Estate is part of a large UK property group which has been established since October 2014 with head office in London, UK.

QWP Real Estate is a real estate marketing agency that offers UK property investments and international investments to investors based in the GCC and surronding areas.

QWP Real Estate has over 13 years of international property development and property experience and with over 3,700 residential and commercial property units sold.

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