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Frequently Asked Questions: Grenada Passport & Citizenship by Real Estate Investment...

Where is Grenada located?

Grenada is located in the Caribbean Sea at the following coordinates: 12°03′N 61°45′W. This means that Grenada is twelve degrees and three minutes north of the Equator. Grenada consists of the island of Grenada itself plus six smaller islands which lie to the north of the main island. It is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its size is 348.5 square kilometres (134.6 sq mi), and it had an estimated population of 112,200 in July 2018. Its capital is St. George's. Grenada is also known as the "Island of Spice" due to its production of nutmeg and mace crops, of which it is one of the world's largest exporters. The national bird of Grenada is the critically endangered Grenada dove.

May I apply for citizenship with my family?

Yes, you may apply for citizenship with your wife or husband, dependent children, and dependent parents. Fees for family members vary according to the number of family members included in a citizenship application.

Do I need to visit Grenada to complete process?

No, you do not need to visit Grenada before, during, or after the application process. There is no interview, education, or management experience required.

Must I renounce my current citizenship and passport to receive Grenadian Citizenship?

No, Grenada allows dual citizenship, and you thus do not need to renounce any other citizenship or passport.

When will I receive Grenadian citizenship following an application through the Citizenship by Investment Programme?

Your application for Citizenship by Investment will be approved within 60 business days of submission (subject to a satisfactory due diligence check and the funds being received). You may apply for a passport shortly after. Passports are issued within days of the request.

For how many years is a Grenadian passport valid?

All Grenadian passports are valid for five years.

How do I renew my passport once it expires?

Grenadian passports can be renewed in the Grenadian Consulate in London, or directly through the Grenadian Passport and Immigration Office.

How can I be sure that my passport will be renewed upon expiry?

Under Grenadian law, citizens are entitled to a passport. This means that citizens cannot be denied a passport and thus that your passport will be renewed.

How does Grenadian citizenship help my child’s education?

Grenada is home to the best United States offshore university – St George’s University. It is one of the finest medical, veterinary, and arts and sciences schools, and graduates train in some of the top hospitals in the United States and the United Kingdom. It is internationally accredited and currently has 6,000 students for over 140 countries.

What is the Commonwealth of Nations?

The Commonwealth of Nations, often referred to as the Commonwealth, and formerly known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of 54 independent member states. Queen Elisabeth II, the current Queen of the United Kingdom, is the titular head of the Commonwealth of Nations.

How does Grenada being a part of the Commonwealth of Nations help me?

Being a citizen of a member of the Commonwealth of Nations brings several benefits. For example, you will be able to travel easily across member states, you will be protected by the embassies and commissions of other member states across the globe, and you will be eligible for certain sporting activities (the Commonwealth Games).

How is Grenada’s economic outlook?

Grenada’s economy is expanding in the tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors. As part of the Easter Caribbean Central Bank and currency system, its currency is stable, secure, and tied to the United States dollar. Business can also be conducted in United States dollars. There are no taxes on the repatriation of profit.

What's the truth about the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment?

Caribbean citizenship by investment is real, legitimate, and a great option for the right person. As far as passports go, Caribbean ones are on the rise. An increasing number of countries are opening up to travelers using Caribbean passports.

China – one of the most closed-off countries in the world as far as visas go – has even given visa-free access to Grenadian citizens, and it may follow suit with other Caribbean countries. Many Caribbean passports also have visa-free access to Russia – another country notorious for its strict visa policies. Europe and South America also offer most Caribbean passports visa-free access.

Caribbean passports are already solid passports, and an increasing number of countries are seeing that if someone has the money to get a Caribbean citizenship by investment, then they probably aren’t trying to come and overstay their visas.

Why should you get a Grenada passport?

  1. Fast Application - Grenada’s second citizenship programme is popular for a number of reasons, not least because it’s one of the fastest in the world. Should you need to secure second citizenship quickly, Grenada is the perfect choice. If you invest in real estate, your application could be approved within 60 days. Your new passport will be handed to you shortly thereafter, and you’re ready to go. As fast-action ventures go, Grenada is unbeatable.

  2. No Residency Requirement - To gain and maintain your status as a Grenadian citizen, you do not need to reside on the island. In fact, even visiting is not required to secure your application. There are no other strict requirements either – a great bonus since some programmes can require you to learn the basics of the local language. This is not necessary for Grenada, so your application can progress quickly and with minimal disruption.

  3. Permanent lifetime citizenship - When you acquire Grenadian citizenship, it is for life. This means you’re completely protected from subsequent changes in policy that could otherwise threaten your claim. Your investment in second citizenship here is securely protected, so you know you can enjoy the benefits for years to come.

  4. Dual citizenship is recognized - If you’re seeking to expand your portfolio with a second passport, having to renounce your current citizenship would make it unfeasible. Luckily, Grenada officially recognises dual citizenship, so you’re considered both a citizen of Grenada and your home nation alike. Your home nation won’t even be informed of your new nationality, which affords you a great degree of privacy.

  5. Family friendly citizenship option - For the family-minded, Grenada’s second citizenship programme is an unusually cost-effective route to full family citizenship. It is ideal if you have family obligations as you can add additional family members for a nominal additional fee. Under the Grenada programme your initial investment includes children under 25 and dependents over 65. Government and processing fees aside, the investment itself will be the same for a single applicant as it would a family of four.

  6. Cost effective investment - One of the big advantages of the Grenadian second citizenship programme is its real estate investment option, offering the prospect of high returns on top of your citizenship. The Grenadian tourism industry is booming so your investment here will stand you in good stead, and you need only hold this investment for five years.

  7. Commonwealth - One of the main indicators of passport strength is whether your nation has global agreements in place with other countries to facilitate freer trade and travel. Ordinarily, such decisions are out of your hands but investment in Grenadian second citizenship earns you a place as a citizen of a Commonwealth realm, meaning you’re able to travel freely across the 52 member nations. This status also opens up preferential trade conditions amongst the group.

  8. Increased Global Mobility - As a Grenadian citizen you can travel visa-free or visa-on-arrival to around 120 countries. This includes some of the most attractive business and travel destinations in the world including the UK, the Schengen area, Singapore and Australia. Grenada is one of only 11 countries that allows travel to the Republic of China without obtaining a visa, making this the ideal passport for conducting business in the Chinese hubs. The Grenadian passport always ranks highly in any index globally, granting you a level of freedom that few enjoy. Plus, Grenada is a politically low-profile country.

  9. A Route to USA - As a US Treaty Nation, Grenada’s citizens are entitled to apply for the coveted American E-2 Investor Visa. This is a major advantage since it gives its (Grenadian citizen) holder the right to live and work in the States on the basis of an investment of around USD 100,000. Fewer than 40% of countries worldwide currently have such an agreement with the US. For those aspiring to the US lifestyle in their personal lives or in business, second citizenship in Grenada can be a strong first step in the direction of establishing in the States.

  10. Tax - Grenada offers investors a very favourable tax regime, making this a popular global tax haven. Grenada imposes no foreign income, wealth, inheritance, capital gains or gift tax. There are also generous tax incentives available including an attractive regime that discounts IBCs from corporation, income and withholding tax for 20 years. You’ll also benefit from a complete lack of restriction on repatriated profits or imported capital.


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