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Why invest in bonds? loan notes?

Updated: May 19, 2019

In recent years we have seen an explosion in the number of developers and investors partaking in the developer note investment market and QWP Real Estate are proud to facilitate and make introductions to the very best property developers on the market.

Investing in Property Bond Investment notes, provides developers with readily available funding and the ability to utilise that funding in the best way they see fit, while giving investors a hands off, high yielding product.

REASONS TO INVEST HIGH DEMAND - The UK property market is seen as a safe haven for capital as a result of a stable political environment. HIGHER YIELDS - There is a dramatic shortage of housing in the UK growing demand and inward migration. This will lead to medium term capital growth for investors. EXIT STRATEGY - Our property investment offers defined flexible exit strategies. It is similar to a fixed rate saving account but with much higher returns. SECURITY - With any investment it is important to have peace of mind and knowing that your investment is in good hands. ONE TO ONE SERVICE - One of our team will guide you through the process A-Z making the whole experience very smooth and enjoyable and always on hand to assist all the way through.


  • Fixed minimum return of 12% net per annum.

  • Deferred and Income options - quarterly payments available.

  • Option to roll over initial capital, capital + return, or simply compound the investment on its anniversary for up to 7 years.

  • Award winning developer, with over 11 year track record.

  • Security Trustee in place, investment is backed against £68 million property portfolio.£50 million raised in 5 years, all previous investors have been paid back their original capital and return.

  • Over £1 billion GDV of PRS Scheme in the current pipeline.  

  • Partnerships with some of the UK’s largest blue chip Asset Management Companies

  • Invest from £25,000.

Return on investment

  • Year 1 12% return 0% bonus

  • Year 2 12% return 3% bonus

  • Year 3 12% return 4% bonus

  • Year 4 12% return 5% bonus

  • Year 5 12% return 6% bonus

  • Year 6 12% return 8% bonus

  • Year 7 12% return 10% bonus 

What to do next if you are interested in investing? Click the below link and let us know a comfortable budget and if you have any questions then we will guide you through how to proceed and join the thousands of happy customers that have done just this.


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