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Worried about UK Brexit?

We suggest you fix your return on investment here's how...

There’s no question that there is speculation regarding Brexit in the property market. 

However we have found savvy investors are taking full advantage of this by securing some great deals through the top developers. 

Quality real estate will always be sought after and we feel the best investment would offer a guaranteed return per year for a minimum period to cover the brexit uncertainty.

For example if you are considering a off plan property purchase we suggest you consider getting a return on investment contracted during the build period until completion of your residential property. For example The Tannery in Liverpool offers 5% to 10% interest paid to the investor on deposited funds annualized meaning that even your property is under construction during the Brexit uncertainty your still making a return on investment from your funds that you have deposited with the developer, as well as that you are then upon completion receiving a 3 year rental guarantee which gives you the investor piece of mind that for the next 5 years from now you will be making a solid return on investment as well as any capital growth. Click here to find more information about The Tannery Liverpool

Another example of a commercial property buy to let investment in London is London Gatwick Airport Parking Investment, which is an international airport which flies to 228 international destinations with over 45 million passengers, this investment opportunity offers airport parking spaces next to the airport which offers investors a fixed return of 8% NET per year for 5 years meaning the returns will remain the same for a number of years. Click here to find more information about London Gatwick Airport Parking Investment.

The pound has been low for a considerably amount of time now and UK owners will see benefits when they decide to sell. 

Our UK investment projects direct from the UK developers are a good way to make a high return over the length of time you prefer giving you clear exit strategies that are contracted especially if you are worried about any Brexit uncertainty. Click here to find more information on our UK property investments.

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