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We aim to provide you with a comprehensive array of services that service all aspects of buying a residential or a commercial property investment. We are able to help you secure the best payment options for your chosen property and can also assist you with regard to the proper legal, visa and conveyancing procedures in the market, bearing in mind that the legal and financial personnel are there first and foremost to serve your interests and not those of other parties.


We work with various Foreign Exchange Solutions (FX) and international payment providers delivering savings to customers on their foreign exchange transactions.


We offer real estate investment visas in Europe & we also offer passport by investment in other countries. Meaning you and your family are all satisfied.


We will assist you through your full purchase process all over the world. We will guide you through any paperwork or any pre-sale or after sale apprehensions you have at no cost.


We understand you may require to view the property that you are interested in, which is why we assist you with any viewings you require or you may need to even arrange a inspection visit to the country of the product.


We only take on investments and property developments that are legal and your returns will be paid on time. We work hard internationally directly with developers using our past 11 years of extensive knowledge within the real estate industry to make sure that your investment is safe, secure and stable.


We have a fantastic network of agents internationally. If your client is interested in our product or If you wish to work with us please click here.




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About us

QWP Real Estate was founded in March 2018 with offices in London UK and Doha, Qatar.

QWP Real Estate is part of a large UK property group which has been established since October 2014 with head office in London, UK.

QWP Real Estate is a real estate marketing agency that offers UK property investments and international investments to investors based in the GCC and surronding areas.

QWP Real Estate has over 13 years of international property development and property experience and with over 3,700 residential and commercial property units sold.

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